How I came to be here : my health journey

Since childhood I always had an interest in vegetarianism and living in a more natural, old-fashioned way. I would beg my mother for rides to the health food and sometimes bring friends along to show them how to shop and eat. as a young animal rights activist, I bombarded my family with PETA handouts for years. I’ve always known that what was then considered an “alternative lifestyle” was the way it would be for me. but as if often the case, when I turned legal drinking age, abusing my body became a regular occurrence. healthy living slowly took the back burner to convenience, stress, and juggling everyday life. I lost myself. 

By my mid twenties I was at my worst point physically and mentally. healthy food was chocolate granola bars and soy meat substitutes. I lived on fountain soda and cigarettes.  I had a lot seemingly small, unrelated health issues that added up to a huge pile of yuck. I developed chronic bronchitis, having about 7 incidents of it in little over a year. i never truly felt well or like I had fully healed before getting sick again. I was the heaviest I had ever been. I felt depressed, anxious, negative, and so tired all the time that I would fall asleep at my work desk every day. I was constantly nauseous and would feel even worse, or ravenously hungry, after a meal. I started to swell and lose feeling from my knees down. I didn’t get my period for almost a year. I suffered from painfully embarrassing cystic acne and no matter how much money I spent at Sephora, I could not get rid of it. 

I knew there was something very wrong. I also knew that a regular MD would never put the pieces together and pinpoint it for me.  It seems so obvious now, but it wasn’t until a friend mentioned to me that dairy products can cause acne that I began to realize the answer was not in a skin cream or energy drink or diet pill, but rather, it was nourishing my body that would make a difference. I wanted to get back to living a healthy, natural lifestyle, but it seemed so overwhelming and out of reach. I didn’t know where to begin. 

I made an appointment with a Nauturopath for a consultation. He told me I had leaky gut, gluten sensitivity and a borderline thyroid problem.  I left his office feeling relieved to finally have some answers yet completely puzzled about what I should actually eat and how to get back on the right path. I went home and researched how to alkalyze my body and that’s when I found Kimberly Snyder’s blog. I promptly bought her book, The Beauty Detox Solution. 

Understanding the effects certain foods had on me and WHY I should follow a plan like the Beauty Detox Solution helped me to see it as a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary diet. The more I learned, the easier it became. The first thing I did was to incorporate a morning smoothie. I began to feel and see results and that gave me motivation to keep up. I finally felt well and motivated enough to commit to a regular yoga practice and began doing this DVD at home. It was like a snowball. Within a matter of months, I went from my lowest point to the healthiest and strongest I had ever been. 

I have been back on my path for about 5 years now. I am continuously amazed by the endless amounts of energy I have – and this is coming from a mother of a toddler! I am able to really listen to my body and honor it with what it needs. My mind is calm, clear and confident. I learned firsthand the healing power of a whole foods, plant-based based diet coupled with kundalini yoga and meditation.
At first living this lifestyle was very challenging. I felt like I had to relearn how to live and take care of myself from square one, and that I had to figure it out all on my own. My family and friends certainly did not understand or support me. I felt like an outcast. I can’t tell you how many times people looked in disgust and said “Ew, WHAT are you drinking?!”. In time things got easier. I developed a system and found more options. I learned what meals I could quickly prepare, how and where to shop. I strengthened my commitment and learned how to consciously care for myself. I took support anywhere I could get it and found my tribe within the Beauty Detox Facebook community. Eventually, this lifestyle began to speak for itself. Now people can clearly see the positive impact living a Beauty Detox lifestyle has had and they say things to me like “so if I eat and drink that I can look and feel like you??”


What is Third Eye Food? 

It seems to me like people want to change but often feel stuck and overwhelmed and don’t know. I started this blog to empower my family and friend with the information and motivation to take those first baby steps into living an easily sustainable, healthy lifestyle. I want to expose the politics behind what we eat. I want to help you remove the processed excess and honor your body and spirit through food truth freedom!

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